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About Us

About Us


Yoste Strategic Partners, LLC is a professional National Guard business development and government relations consulting practice.  YSP also regularly works in the Homeland Defense and Security arenas.


YSP primarily assists companies in the areas of business development, government relations, and external affairs in the National Guard marketplace and in federal and state political subdivisions. YSP has extensive experience in dealing with the maze of the National Guard from the 54 States and Territories to the National Guard Bureau and the National Guard’s partnering associations.  These associations with which YSP works extensively include but not limited to:


·         The National Guard Association of the United States “NGAUS”;

o   The all important NGAUS Task Forces;

·         The Adjutant General Association;

·         The National Guard Executive Director’s Association;

o   The 54 National Guard State Associations;

·         The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS);

·         The Army Aviation Association of the United States;

YSP works with and supports a diverse client base.  Its clients support Army Aviation, Combat Service and Support, and Field Artillery.  These clients’ products and services range from weapons systems for the Warfighter to avionics and maintenance, repair and overhaul of Army Aviation equipment, to companies that support the National Guard in its recruiting efforts, and to personnel support at the National Guard Bureau.  YSP augments its clients’ existing business development and government relations professionals to help the client build strategic military, business and political alliances.  YSP assists companies in the NGAUS resolution process from drafting language to successful passage at the state and national levels.  YSP will help clients by building strong coalitions to shape policy and secure NGREA and other types of National Guard Funding.  YSP helps its clients access and work with key National Guard decision makers and influencers to help advance the clients’ interests, expand into new markets, and successfully compete for and win contracts.

YSP is based in the southern United States and is headquartered in Oxford, Mississippi with its offices on Oxford’s historic Square. YSP conducts much of its business in Washington, D.C. particularly at the strategic levels. However, YSP puts special emphasis on the tactical level as it works in the field with the Adjutants General, the Army and Air National Guard units, and the National Guard State Associations across the country.   Yoste Strategic Partners is where strategy and tactics meet…

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