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Geoffrey Yoste, Principal

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Major Geoffrey Yoste graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1988 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and received a Commission in the United States Army.  He successfully completed the Basic and Advance Course of the United States Army Engineering School at Ft. Belvoir, VA.  For the next 7 years he worked for U. S. Senator Trent Lott on Capitol Hill and Governor Kirk Fordice in Jackson, MS. He then founded Southern Capitol Resources, Inc. a marketing and government relations practice. During this time Major Yoste also graduated from the United States Army Combined Staff Services School and the Command and General Staff Officers College.

Upon his retirement from the military in late 2004, Geoffrey served as the Director of Mississippi Operations for DRS Technologies with a concentration on marketing, government and external affairs, and business development for the DRS Homeland Security Solutions business unit, an entity he helped form for DRS Technologies in 2007.  Geoffrey left DRS and founded Yoste Strategic Partners, LLC in the fall of 2008.

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