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Government and Political Relationship Management
Responsible for managing relationships with legislators, government regulators, state agencies, and their representatives working with technical and legal support staff to identify legislative and regulatory issues and develop appropriate strategies, positions, and policies.

  • Congressional advocacy and education to maintain and extend bi-partisan relationships with policymakers in order to provide a framework that connects your organization to the federal and state government.
  • Increase your company’s awareness and presence in Congress and the Executive Branch
  • Prepare speeches and talking points related to federal and state policy initiatives for Senior Management
  • Develop informational material to successfully communicate to non-technical audiences and to respond to individual and specific inquires from government stakeholders
  • Schedule meetings with key federal officials, develop strategies to get Congressional support for federal grant applications, and work with the client to keep key supporters and federal officials apprised of the client’s progress

External Affairs

  • Augment your present resources in the areas of
    • Corporate Citizenship
    • Governmental Relations
    • Investor Relations
    • Marketing
    • Public Relations
  • Provide counsel and strategy on business development, navigating political landscapes, and corporate citizenship
  • Serve as liaison with federal, state, and local leaders, agency officials, and other high-level industry, federal, and community leaders and trade associations
  • Provide leadership for building and sustaining strategic relationships with customers, investors, regulators, key constituencies and influencers
  • Serve as both alerter to early emergence of common issues/initiatives & problem solver in coordinated response within an overall external affairs strategy.
  • Handle media relations & emergency operations duties in local area, as directed.
  • Plan, manage, and implement special events such as press conferences, grant presentations, meetings, and tours.
  • Coordinate logistical support, production of materials, and notification
  • Help enhance Community Relations and Corporate Citizenship through the development of a strategic plan

Business Development

  • Business networking to build relationships between your company and key influencers
  • To help communicate technical issues to non-technical audiences
  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Represent your company at regional and national conferences
  • Organize company tours, educational meetings and product demonstrations for
    • Customers
    • Investors
    • Policymakers and Regulators
    • Business and Trade Associations
    • The general public

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